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Laser Cutting Machines
XL Series

XL series are high end machines which come with high rapid rates and accelerations. With high inertia Fanuc / Yaskawa servo motors, Fanuc / Eckelmann CNC, flexible nesting software, custom user-friendly operating interface, a highly reliable laser source and laser head, partitioned dust extraction and dust collector as standard, these machines are workhorses that can comfortably run 24/7.These machines provide extreme precision, productivity and quality.

XL cut.png
Key Features

High rigidity base and stress relieved for higher accuracy

169m/min combined rapid rate

Fanuc / Eckelmann GMBH CNC controller

User-friendly operating interface

Precitec laser head

International standard components

Sigmanest nesting software (For Fanuc CNC only) / Eckelmann nesting software (For Eckelmann CNC only)

Automatic pallet changer

Ergonomic design

1.5G Acceleration

IPG / TruFiber Laser source

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